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Hey there!
I am Veronika, a 23 year old student living in Germany.  
I have always had a keen interest in art and design, and following this passion I am further enhancing and developing my skills in visual communication – currently with a focus on concept art, illustration, stage design and immersive interiordesign.

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Question and Answer
What are you currently up to?
After finishing my bachelorthesis "Echo", wich you can also finde here on my website, I am now further exploring the communication through immerive interior design in my master thesis.
For the visual communication part of my ideas I am practining drawing and sketching as well as digital 3D Modeling and animation.

As my side projects I am working on my sculpting skills, mostly with super-sulpey, but I am toying with the idea to get into ceramics. I am planning to learn more about colouring figurines and bringing them to a higher level.
To see my most current updates klick here or check out my Instagram-profile!
Wich experience do you have?
I have studied interior design for multiple years and in 2021 I finished my bachelor's degree of arts. I began to work as a freelancer after the first semester and created multiple graphic designs und illustrations for customers of all sorts. It is always wonderful to meet someone new and to devolop a result together, wich satisfies the client as well as allowing me to further practise my skills.
As part of my education I completed an half-year long internship in a design office with focus on developing sensory appealing and inclusive exhibitions.
It was great experience working in an open environment with people of many fields of profession, wich I could always learn alot from. But the biggest motivator was beeing able to not only plan, but to develop and execute big projects as a team. I was included in the process of the first sketches up to building a furniture prototype in the nearby workshop.
Additionally I am enjoying to work for my local national theatre since 2018. I am trusted with multiple small jobs wich include beeing an Extra, surtitleing musical stage plays, installing microports, video-recording and more. It gives me an opportunity to work with many diverse people and practise my communication and management skills. With beeing given increasingly more responsibility it is rewarding and I am feeling like a part of the theatre team.
What programs do you use?
Besides the basics in word and excel, studying interior architecture I was introduced to Programs such as ArchiCAD, Cinema4D, Twinmotion and Blender.
Also I feel confident in Photoshop and InDesign by Adobe. I am currently working on getting more comfortable with Illustrator, Lightroom and Twinmotion.
I have no hesitation to learn a new program and develop my skills further.
Can I order a comission from you?
I am really happy that you enjoy my work and would love to get to know what you have in mind!
Just get in touch with me with the contact form above, per E-Mail or a direct message over Instagram.
My plan is to always continue my learning process.
I am highly motivated to get involved in new and challenging tasks to explore them with full effort and creativeness.

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