I can happily announce that I have succsessfully finished my bachelor's degree with the project "Echo".
The subject of my Bachelorthesis is the interprative Analysis and Development of Concept Art for the Novel "Der Schrecksenmeister" by Walter Moers.
Here you can find more about my biggest project yet and if you are interested message me to recive my complete Bachelorthesis!

The main part of my work was to analyse and sort every descriptive part of the book. With extracting every information about the scenery, story and protagonist I managed to create a detailed reference book about everything. Also I summarized my findings in these representations about the relationships and the sequence of rooms.
In the next step I interpreted my basic research and  associated it with inspirations such as the architecture in Lübeck, Zwickau. For example: It is mentioned that the main scene of action takes place in an organic looking castle with pointed arches. With this information and more additional clues I interpreted the building was build in the brick gothic found in Hanseatic cities.
On my exploration tours through the hanseatic cities I also began sketching out my first ideas how the main bulding could look like.
These ink paintings were part of the design process to develop the organic style of the castle. I love painting traditionally in the first stages since it allows more conincidence and therefore inspiration.
With the aid of my previous research I was able to design the complete castle and locate each room as described in the book. My interpretative freedom allowed me to divide the building in a "good" and "bad" side, depending on the associated meaning the room has.
I created the model in the CAD-Program Blender. For this I cuild a "gothic construction kit" and worked on the architectual composition.
Afterwards I set the materials, landscape and atmosphere in the unreal-engine Twinmotion.
Since I majored in interior design, the layout of the rooms was very important too. Here you can find a few illustrated designs of mine:

The dining room where the mad antagonist Eispin leaves whole meals to rot in memory of his lost love.

The labatory in two settings.

The cozy fireplace where the main protagonists Echo (the cat in the bottom center) starts each day.

I also created some charcter sheets of the protagonists:
The main protagonist Echo
The main protagonist Echo
The second main protagonist Eispin
The second main protagonist Eispin
These were some insights on my bachelorthesis. If you are interested in more of this work, feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your interest!
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